What We Do


Genista Biosciences is an innovative biotech company dedicated to improving public health and food safety. Since our inception, we have strived to develop rapid and accurate molecular diagnostic methods to detect the presence of pathogens and various other microbes in food and environmental samples. As a company, we believe in good service, competitive pricing, and above all sound science.

Genista is more than just another 3rd party lab. We operate as an extension of your existing quality team through seamless communication and an invaluable exchange of ideas. Our clients trust us and rely on us as we continue to expand with our growing customer base that stretches from California to Chile. We are confident in the work we do, and in the words of our customers “we make it really easy to get hooked”.

Customer Service Focus

We are a company that has the capabilities of a large corporation but with the attention and care your business deserves. No matter the time or day our team is always here to help in whatever way we can, whether that means answering your questions to get you through an audit or conducting emergency testing for products being detained at a port. We know that the food industry never sleeps, and neither do we.

Strength of Employees: Each member of our team has come together with a common desire to make the food we eat as safe as possible. By being located in the heart of the Silicon Valley we have access to some of the brightest minds in all fields from software and engineering to life sciences. Every member of our strong technical team is a graduate from the nation’s most prestigious universities and shares with us a passion for science and progress.