Science & Technology

Culture & PCR – The Perfect Marriage

The unique and innovative platform developed by Genista seeks to disrupt the existing industry perceptions and allow companies to utilize a technology typically reserved for high budget applications. Our built-in quality control measures allow for increased accuracy and precision while ensuring the detection of viable cells. By combining proprietary software, robotics and automation with real time PCR technology, the Genista platform ensures better quality data with less error at a faster turnaround time.

Originally adopted for applications in clinical diagnostics such as cancer screening and infectious disease detection, real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a testing methodology that is quickly becoming the gold standard for rapid microbiological analysis. Real time PCR works by targeting and amplifying a specific fragment of DNA that is unique to a particular organism of interest. The result is a technology that is not only fast but also incredibly accurate.

Sensitivity & Specificity:

The sensitivity of the Genista real time PCR platform prevents against the possibility of false negatives and the devastating damage of recalls. The Genista platform’s enhanced specificity reduces the chances of false positives which can lead to unnecessary losses and wastage.